Catalina Cucu '13 of Chisinau is our Eurasia FLEX City Representative of the Month.

December, 17 2013

Catalina Cucu '13 of Chisinau is our Eurasia FLEX City Representative of the Month.  We are excited to award her this honor for the work she did during the month of November!
Catalina founded the Volunteer Club at her school, Lyceum “Principesa
Natalia Dadiani” on November 14. A week later, they were already chopping wood, making food, painting dog houses and playing with animals at their local shelter.
She and the Volunteer Club also visited Aschiuta Orphanage with an English teacher from their school on Nov. 28.  Together they introduced children to Thanksgiving and engaged in several fun activities. The group also arranged a special meal for the kids and gave them donated toys and socks.
The next day Catalina also organized a Thanksgiving event with children who have disabilities.  They decorated a "Thank You" door with sticky notes of gratitude and gave an interview to Radio Moldova.
Despite a busy month, Catalina still found the time to help her English teacher organize the first meeting of the Academy of Central European Schools, which helps cultivate dialogue and cooperation among youth of this region.  She also participated in many other FLEX events.
Thank you, Catalina, for sharing the FLEX spirit with your peers, school, and community!

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