American Councils Moldova Newsletter September 2013

October, 10 2013

It has been a very busy summer for American Councils Moldova. To reflect on our most successful initiatives, we published the September 2013 Electronic Newsletter. The publication reports on the celebration of Independence Day, includes quotes from most active American Language Center and Access students, publishes inspiring stories from participants in the Civic Education Workshop in DC and Summer Camp for Children from vulnerable families and offers details on a series of new projects implemented in summer. American Councils Moldova collaborated with the EU network for teachers and students eTwinning, hosted the Eurasian Regional Language Program, expanded Access to six new regions, won two international outreach grants, hosted Harrisburg Senator Brubaker as part of an LFP alumni outbound project, organized a Skype Conference with Belleville West High School and honored its most active Open World, FLEX and Access alumni.

American Councils Moldova Newsletter September 2013 En by Daniela Munca-Aftenev


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