October, 21 2013

We take great pleasure in inviting EFL/ESL teachers and university lecturers to submit a methodology article, lesson plan or extra curricular activity plan for the American Councils quarterly publication registered officially with National Book Chamber of Moldova on November 7, 2012, December 2013 edition.

The journal is:
- a practice-oriented quarterly publication for all those involved in the field of teaching English as a foreign language;

- devoted to publishing practical papers in various aspects, fields and scope of the English Language, such as but not limited to teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language (ESL);

- encouraging a variety of practical cross-disciplinary interests, especially in the following areas: psychology and sociology of language learning and teaching, testing and evaluation, professional preparation, curriculum design and development, instructional methods, materials, and techniques and professional standards;

- published quarterly in both online and printed versions;

- reviewed by The American Councils Moldova experts;


Should you have any questions regarding the submission, we will have our Editors (ALC Strategic Operational Committee members) answer them marinamer@mail.ru, daniela@americancouncils.md.

Deadline for submission - November 30, 2013.

Modern Trends and Resources Journal



Journal Registration National Book Chamber

ALC Teacher Journal Submission Requirements

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