Sustainability Summit in Ukraine

May, 28 2012


Dear FLEX Alumna/us,

Please find below a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Sustainability Summit, organized by the fellow FLEX Alumni from Ukraine. All NON-Ukrainians are welcome to apply!

The Sustainability Summit will be a two-day outdoor event held along the beaches of the Azov sea in the Crimean town of Shcholkine, onAugust 3-4 2012.   
The summit will be powered by clean energy and will explore issues of sustainable development in Ukraine with special emphasis upon localized community empowerment in the aftermath of EURO 2012.

Specifically, the Summit's main content will be focused upon three thematic seminars:
I) What is Sustainable Development?
II) Energy, Design, Technology.
III) Finance, Planning, Advocacy.
Each seminar will feature one keynote speaker plus several additional presenters.  Furthermore, each seminar will be supplemented by a series of hands-on workshops and cultural events to be held throughout the 2-day schedule.

MORE INFORMATION HERE: http://sustainability-summit.tumblr.com/About
APPLY HERE: http://sustainability-summit.tumblr.com/Register


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