A lifetime experience in one year - 57 FLEX Students are back home from USA

June, 23 2016

After one year of exchange program in United States of America, our FLEX students are already home. 57 participants arrived safe and sound at the International Airport of Chișinău.

Parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents and even pets, came to welcome their long-expected children. Everyone was excited to see each other after one challenging year.

This year students had the opportunity to study one year in secondary schools from Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Washington, Hawaii, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Missouri, Idaho, Alabama, Utah, Kansas, Maryland, Arizona, District of Columbia, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Virginia,
They returned back home full of new ideas, experiences, more independent and ready to rediscover their home country and bring positive changes in their community.

All of them became FLEX Alumni 2015-2016 and they are encouraged to get involved in FLEX Alumni Community.

More stories about our students and their challenges from US, we are going to post soon.

Stay tuned.


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