“ FLEX inspired me to ….” Iulia Sorocan FLEX Alumna 2015

April, 18 2016

"An exchange year is a once in a life-time experience and every time I recall the great memories that I had in the USA I realize how lucky I was to have such a wonderful opportunity. Therefore, after returning home I decided to be an active Flex Alumni, to share my experience with others and make the town that I live in, better.

2015-16 school year was full of events, activities, contests which I organized or participated. 
Upon my arrival I started to work as Access Teacher Assistant for Access Micro scholarship Program.
I implemented recycling and iEarn projects along with teaching about the culture of English Speaking countries. Set up Thanksgiving and Halloween celebration and opened an English Movie Club for Access students. 
EFL Teacher Assistant during Access Summer Camp. 
Won the 3rd place at the Youth Voice Competition and won the Access grant for the project “Different but Equal”. We won the 1st place award for the “Different but Equal” Media Project and we were very proud that our hard-work and efforts paid off. 
During this year I also became a FLEX Alumni City Representative. I organized Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration for elementary students. I initiated a Debate Club, set up an informational tent for high- scholars on World AIDS Day. 
Together with my local team I coordinated 2 fund-raising activities for people with disabilities such as Charity Christmas Movie Night and American Board games night. Participated in the FlexAbility Conference and together with another Flex Alumni implemented a human rights project “Know it. Feel it.” in Edinet and Chisinau. Became As well as became the best City Rep of the month in December and won the contest for the most creative event. 
This year was very successful for me in terms of academic achievements too. 
I received the Student of the Year award in my city and also won the first place at English and Romanian Olympiad. I am also very proud of winning the Special Prize at National English School Contest – Skolar. After my exchange year I realized that traveling is the best way to learn and to become a better citizen of the world. Therefore, this year I traveled to Belarus to an International Conference and I participated in an Erasmus+ project – “Unity in Diversity: From challenges to opportunities” in Yerevan, Armenia.
I learned about the migration issues, refugee crisis, and integration of migrant youth and at the same time discovered this beautiful country with kind and hospitable people. 
I would like to say that I am very grateful for being a Flex Alumni as this unique experience shaped me into completely another person and opened many doors and opportunities for me. I became open-minded, kind, I can see things from a different perspective and find something positive in every situation. I am motivated to be that change and do my best to improve the society that I live in".

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