Access teacher wins US Embassy grant to implement the ”Girls in the LEAD” project

October, 27 2015

Our Access teacher from Bălți, Corina Ceban, has won the US Embassy Democracy Grants competition and received funding to implement the "Girls in the LEAD" Project in her city. The project goal is to train, involve and empower 20 young girls from three regions of Moldova work collaborativelly with different educational agents in order to form lidership skills and implement them through different learning strategies related to equal rights and citizenship, by actively using debate and online tools.

This way, the participants will:

(1)identify personal leadership styles and individual strengths, and emerge prepared to translate passions into service opportunities;
(2) develop their strategic abilities, critical thinking through intellectual games, and problem solving tasks;
(3) improve communicative abilities to solve effectively interpersonal conflicts through their social and emotional intelligences;
(4) create an inspiring vision of the future, motivating people to engage with leadership vision;
(5) coach and build a team to achieve the needed vision.


More details about the initiative on the PROJECT BLOG.

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