American Councils Moldova invites EFL teachers to participate in “Teaching English through Conflict Resolution Games & Simulations” Project

September, 29 2015

In attention to all English Teachers from Chisinau and other regions of Moldova!

American Councils for International Education Moldova invites all English Language teachers from Moldova to participate in

"Teaching English through Conflict Resolution Games & Simulations" Project,

aimed to create an international network of 30 teachers from Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Belarus for a constructive peace-building education through gamification.


The project is a part of the Innovation Fund for English Language Program,

financially supported by U.S. Department of State.

The project goal is to develop participants' competences to address the global issues in innovative manners, and offer to English educators instructive models on effective communication, and win-win conflict resolution through the development of students' critical and strategic thinking.

The project will finally propose a set of strategy game materials and guidelines, which will contribute to students' communicative, intercultural, and civic competences' development within interactive and online collaborative English language atmosphere.
Project duration: 5-day training outside Chisinau within October 27-31, 2015

At the end of the project, all beneficiaries will receive certificates proving their participation in an international project, with the total number of instruction included. All travel, accommodation and instructive expenses are covered by the project.

To apply, please complete the  APPLICATION FORM by October, 15.


For more details please contact  access@americancouncils.md.


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