Visiting Alaska - A new country, a new lifestyle! - impressions of a FLEX student

July, 13 2015

Being an exchange student in United States I got several opportunities to develop myself multilaterally and challenge my skills to see my real personality.  I consider myself lucky because I got the chance to explore the beauty and the same time the wilderness of Alaska.

There I decided to choose lots of sports that unfortunately can not be found or are poorly developed in Moldova: skiing, swimming, table tennis. It was surprising that after couple of months I was getting better in skiing and together with my friends we improved a lot. It is crucial that you are surrounded by positive and inspiring people that give colors to your life and make it more interesting and full of adventures. Afterwards I was ready to ski around my host family’s house and sometimes I was lucky to meet in front of me curious moose that carefully analyzed me and finally let me go on my way back to my house.

Swimming was another important part of my schedule because it made me more punctual and organized. I was supposed to wake up at 5 in the morning before school to go to my practice and afterward my batteries were loaded for a long school day.  Another happy memories that help me remember about my wonderful time in the states is talking about my participation at table tennis. I practiced for long time with people that were older and more experienced than me. It gave me lots of motivation to grow and improve my skills in this area. At the end of the half year I won a good position at the championship of table tennis that was organized in Fairbanks, AK.


I was really proud of these results and I discovered lots of things about my strengths and my weaknesses. It is really important to realize the significance of sports in our daily life. Talking about my personal experience I can share the idea that hard work, respect towards colleagues and mutual understanding will guarantee you a success if you trust in yourself  and you know exactly what you want from the beginning.

My advice will be don’t rush to get involved in tons of activities and sports because you will end that you can not master neither one of them. Focus on one or couple of them that you are stronger at and rock it. Be the best in this area and help others grow up because leadership is all about sharing experience and motivating others to evolve and have the life that they want.


Finally, I would like to say that meeting right people and doing sports will open you new gates for a better life and lots of opportunities to become a better person and be the frame for your family and your nation.

!!!You can do it!

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