American Councils at the Global Village event

October, 6 2014

American Councils Moldova participated in the "Global Village" international fair organized in Chisinau on October the 6th, in the „B. P. Hașdeu" Municipal Library. The event was part of the „Building Peace in Europe" Conference under The Youth Ambassadors Institute, recipient of the European Union Youth Award. From October 5th to 12th, 2014, an international U.S. Exchange Alumni team, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Chişinău and other partners organized "Peace building in Eastern Europe 2.0", a 7-day conference designed to empower an Alumni Network of youth diplomats working to understand frozen conflicts and combat misinformation in times of political turmoil in Eastern Europe.


Event photo gallery: http://diez.md/2014/10/08/foto-tinerii-din-26-de-tari-si-au-prezentat-cultura-la-global-village/


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