ACCESS Students' Projects

Access students implemented civic engagement projects within the International Outreach Fund

The International Outreach Fund project aimed to increase youth civic engagement through EFL school educational projects in 2 regions from Moldova, including Transnistria (the breakaway territory located between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine which after the War of Transnistria in 1992 proclaimed itself an independent state) involving over 50 participants, who worked closely with teachers, school principals, mass media and local authorities in their communities. In addition to improving their English speaking skills, the project offered its participants outside the capital city the opportunity to develop important characteristics of citizenship and result in greater civic participation later in life, which is so important for the health and performance of democracy in Moldova. To ensure a successful country wide youth engagement, the project also ran online, through a common project blog where participants posted regularly pictures, videos, interviews. Also, the blog will ensure a good online platform for new future ideas for creative, innovative civic projects.
This way, 50 school students from 2 locations of Moldova (Varnita/Bender and Ungheni) ) benefited the project .
The project comprised 5 implementing stages, each requiring participants' critical thinking, activism, creativity, and enthusiasm. Thus, students from Ungheni, Varnita/Bender sites and 4 schools ("Vasile Alecsandri" Lyceum from Ungheni, "Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum from Ungheni, "Varnita Lyceum" from Varnita, Anenii-Noi, "Alexandru cel Bun" Lyceum from Bender) worked together in teams of 20 to brainstorm on possible projects which involved local authorities and other strategic partners, such as: American Corners, youth councils, city halls, mayors, local NGOs, school authorities etc.
Also, they developed the idea of the project's blog, called "You Do Change the World", which was created using Wordpress.com platform.
To form youth spirit and activism, Access Microscholarship Program in collaboration with Peace Corps Volunteers and "Sansa" NGO organized a 8-day training on the importance of youth civic engagement for each of the regional teams, including team-building activities, and sessions on basics of project writing. The training followed the models presented by Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development and iEARN (International Education and Research Network).
Then, regional teams worked together to elaborate a project which would benefit their communities and connect local authorities, school children and regional NGOs. Project coordinators closely supervised each team and the planning process. When working on the planning stage, participants followed the stages: 1.Get Ready (get to know their community and their partners and build relationships), 2. Plan (create a vision and plan for where they want to go); 3. Implement (take action to make their community stronger); 4. Sustain (reflect, improve and make connections so their work will last). Finally, there were proposed 2 project ideas: "Buy, Use, Recycle It!", by Ungheni group, and ""4H:Happy Human in a Happy Home" by Varnita/Bender group.

The projects included activities on themes such as: cleaning-up, promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting environmental issues and the importance of recycling.To be specific, "Buy, Use, Recycle It!" project aimed to promote ecological ideas to use recycling materials in creative ways, with its 3 main objectives: (1) to interview people about recycling, ways to recycle they know and use; (2) to create a fashion line out of recycling materials; (3) to promote recycling ideas with the help of posters of ecological messages.

On its turn, the "4H" project intended to persuade people to give up their addictions, such as smoking, and bad habits as throwing trash on the ground, which affect their health, represent vivid sources of pollution, negatively influence the environment and question the future of our planet.
The main objectives of the project were: (1) to interview people about smoking and throwing trash in public places; (2) to persuade people not to smoke; (3) to show how important it is to preserve our planet to our followers; (4) to promote a healthy lifestyle; and (5) to encourage volunteering.

Both projects were implemented in the local parks of Ungheni and Varnita/Bender. The participants' feedback, surveys and interviews, pictures, videos were included in the final media presentation of each project, placed online on project's blog.


"Buy, Use, Recycle It!" Project within International Outreach Fund

As a part of the International Outreach Fund, 20 students from Access -Ungheni developed and implemented  a community-service project "Buy, Use, Recycle It!", meant to arise the community spirit on saving the natural resources by rationally using  daily life goods through recycling. The project impressed people from the central park of the town through informative posters and participants' activism. The most representative moment was the Recycle Cloth Parade, which offered original ideas for the ecologist cloth designers and got  a real sense of happiness and humor among all project beneficiaries and curios  passers-by from Ungheni.

More pictures in Photo Gallery




"Horse Alert!!!" Flash mob by Ungheni-Access

Because of bad economical situation, the horses from many sanctuaries from Moldova are starving to death since there is no left food for feeding them. Ungheni Horse Hippodrome is one of the places where horses are "queuing to die" of starvation.
To alert the civic community about the existing problem, on April 20, 2013 the Access group from Ungheni organized a flash mob , trying to help as they could by bringing some food and hay; thus tressing on the necessary care these animals need to have to survive.
Join the Action please to help endangered animals!!!

“Talking Kites Around the World” iEARN project

On March, 20 (on the March Equinox) Access program joined "Talking Kites Around the World" iEARN project , a universal movement enhancing the important values, such as tolerance, acceptance of the "other", love, co-existence, listening, choosing dialog over force, universal solidarity etc. among participants from all over the world. This way, Access students from all 6 regions made kites to fly as a massive tribute dedicated to advancing the cultural and social dialog, a symbol of bridging the gap and understanding the "other."
While making kites each group has used original shapes, a rainbow of colors and unusual decorative materials; such way transmitting worldwide their messages. Thus, the romantic kite of students from Ungheni, the happiest Sponge Bob kite of Balti, the lovable kites of Varnita/Bender students or the creative ones from Cahul, Chisinau and Comrat flew into the sky to tell everybody how beautiful the world should be.
Moreover, this action inspired greatly Rodica Aculov, an English teacher from "Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum, Cimislia, who motivated her students to decorate and fly Talking Kites. The most wonderful messages were sent by the kindergarten kids from Cimislia who drew valuable pictures of a world with peace they hope, dream and want to live forever.



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"Access Youth in Action" Flash mob

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the American Councils, the Access Micro-scholarship Program organized the "Access Youth in Action" Flash mob in 6 regions of the country. This way, on February 22, 2013 at 3p.m. 6 groups of teenagers gathered almost 400 people from Ungheni, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Chisinau and Varnita/Bender to support the idea of a better education for young generation and inform about the possibilities to participate in many educational programs provided by the American Councils, such as Open World, LFP, Flex, Access, ALC, Carnegie and others.
The information about flash mobs was advertised through promotional video  posted on our web site and social networks.


Each region organized the event in a special way, trying to send to their community the general message in form of dance performance, posters, flags, thematic songs and represented American Councils' symbols.


In Ungheni "Access Youth in Action" flash mob involved 40 youth participants including students of Access program who in the center of their town represented the symbols of the American Councils from Moldova such as the house, the book, etc. The most impressive moment was when teenagers formed the puzzled flag of the USA as a sign of gratitude for the US Embassy for the students' possibility to study English within Access Micro scholarship Program.




In Chisinau the event joined 45 children and teenagers from 7 to 19 years old from Mihai Eminescu Lyceum who participated in organizing the flash mob dance, drawn posters on education and American Councils' programs, and hand made paper bracelets with American Council's logo and messages such as "Be Active!", "Get Involved!", "Study More", etc.
The colorful and meaningful flash mob inspired greatly the audience of almost 100 students from the same school who learnt a lot of things about the American Councils and got motivated to be more active and responsible for their education as a matter of their future.



In Balti the event took place simultaneously in two places: at Vasile Alecsandri Lyceum and in the center of the city. Thus, while a group of 25 teenagers and primary school children were performing a meaningful dance for Youth studying in their school, 20 Access students were distributing the flags and posters with the American Councils' symbols to people living in Balti.



Sharing flags and posters during Balti flash mob


Access -Varnita/Bender group prepared posters with different educational and motivational messages such as "We have a chance to have a good future, that's why we learn English at the American Councils" or "ACCESS makes you understand that only together people represent a very strong power " , " I want to be a president that's why I learn English " or " I want to be a journalist that's why I learn English", etc. In front of the Varnita Mayoree the students invited 40 people to share posters and to discuss about the American Councils educational programs.


In Comrat in the downtown 20 students from the Access program performed different styles of dance and shared information about all programs implemented by the American Councils. They distributed posters to all who preferred to join them and simple passers-by.


In Cahul over 150 participants lit Sky Lanterns carrying names of one of the educational programs administered by American Councils in Moldova.



The event was a real success which got the positive feedback from the representatives of all 6 communities who greatly appreciated the youth motivation to increase their education and desire to be involved in many educational programs under the American Councils. Thus, "Access Youth in Action" Flash mob was broadcasted in the local mass media.




Participants' feedback:

Valentina Cornescu , Varnita/Bender-Access assistant: " Participating in a flash mob with occasion of 20 years of American Councils was a pleasure for us. We all were so excited about this idea. It was very funny to do something absolutely new for us. Our flash mob was full of friendship and shiny atmosphere."

Cristian Morozan, the 4th grade pupil, Mihai Eminescu Lyceum:

"The Access Youth in Action Flash mob for me was a new experience with a lot of fun and joy. I liked dancing. It was a real cooperation between us, the pupils of the 4th grade, with the students from the 12th grade. Now I feel more inspired to learn English and to participate in interesting programs of the American Councils as my brother does."


Michael Filipenco, Access Assistant, Cahul:
"The event was full of magic since during 30 minutes people of different ages were approaching to us and wanted to get involved in lighting the lanterns. Everybody felt so inspired because of the romantic atmosphere we created. It looked like the American Councils appeared to be a flame for all those who dreamed to follow the path of wisdom light. Thank you!".


Team Building Activities as a Part of the Access Project

One of the main goals of the Access program is to create a comfortable educational atmosphere where students might feel themselves as unique representatives of a very unite team. This way, periodically we organize different teambuilding sessions where students may express their feelings and thoughts a real members of one group.

Visit our presentation on Access team building training made by Access Cahul

IN GOD WE TRUST-a new iEARN project developed by Access-Balti group

The Access students from Balti participated in Computer Chronicles Learning Circles of iEARN, and proposed to collaborate internationally on their project idea called "IN GOD WE TRUST". The project aimed to: to identify the values of money in different countries; the origion and description of currency in different historical period of human civilization evolution. The final reflections and shared information was joined in a nice media work on History of money.


"Words Govern The World" - a new iEARN project made by Chisinau-Access, September, 2012-January, 2013

During September, 2012 to January, 2013, Access students fom Chisinau participated in iEARN Learning Circle "Computer Chronicles"  and developed "Words Govern The World" online project. The main goal of the project was to analyze the power of Words in different everyday situations;​ to connect different situations to the results which are caused by the lack of communication; and to identify the elements of an effective communication.

After a fruitful research activity, all ideas were successfully gathered on  a newly developed web site dedicated to this project.


This way, the students were able to share their reflections on the importance of active listening, effective feedback and elements of a constructive communication.

PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE HISTORY- the iEARN Project of Ungheni-Access

The Access students from Ungheni participated in Computer Chronicles Learning Circles of iEARN, and proposed to collaborate internationally on their project idea called "People Who Make The History".

The project aimed to :

*to identify the greatest presidents in different countries; 
*to prove why they are thought to be the greatest ones;
*to learn more about their history.
This way, the participants did their best in looking for the information and facts on :
1. Who was/is the greatest presidents in the world?
2. President's brief historical background.
3. President's the most outstanding doings.

The final reflections and shared information was joined in a nice media work entitled "People Who Make the History"-an iEARN project.


Access Program joined One Day on Earth Event, 12.12.12

On 12.12.12 Access Program joined One Day on Earth Event in order to present the way Moldovan people lived this unique day. At the event participated students and teachers from 4 regions of the country, Chisinau, Balti, Cahul and Ungheni,  who made pictures and shots all along the day to specify beautiful things from their hometown. Consequently, a real rainbow of human feelings and beautiful sightseeing was sensed through the eyes of Moldovan adolescents and presented in 4 movies, namely "12.12.12-One day life of the adolescents at school", "12.12.12 in Cahul: Active people and interesting places", "12.12.2012" and "12.12.12- A day of Access group from Ungheni".





A group of 10 Access Alumni from Ciadir-Lunga decided to help 2 disabled and social vulnerable children, Nastya and Lyuda, from their town by organizing "A Happy Day" events for each of those kids. Their main goal was to offer these kids a unique experience of having a special party where they will be honored, supported, entertained, and loved by people who live in their neighborhood. This way , each participant contributed to make the both girls feel special, unique, and socially integrated; the thing which might motivate and inspire them to struggle in hard moment s of their lives. It is important to mention that this was just the beginning of Access Alumni charitable acts, as they intend to organize such kids of events for other kids and on different occasions.


Students' feelings and thoughts:


"Our team will keep visiting and communicating with the girls, supporting them physically and spiritually. We will try to help them when all necessary. We will try to find new sponsors to support our ideas, and in future w we may become sponsors by ourselves. Throughout life, we will prove to them that they are not alone. Over years we will try to make their lives brighter and will help them in their future life. It is our goal. "

"Our goal is to extend the idea of our project to other kids. We can give one happy day to other disabled and socially vulnerable children. We want to increase the number of volunteers, because many people would like to be engaged in this noble and desirable work. If we can find reliable sponsors, we will bring joy not only to the children of our town, but of our region too."

" We are pleased with our results. This gives us the impetus to the development of similar future projects, because we have some skills. We have the desire to continue this life experience. Our group hopes that we will be able to do it. We have set an example to the friends of our girls, their parents and tutors, and entire community. "

" As we expected, the girls' friends came to support us. Our young heroes were very happy and their eyes were shining with delight. Seeing the joy on their faces, our souls were on the top of happiness. Parents and tutors of our girls highly appreciated the importance of the project. We also had a good chance to test our strength as a group. "





Access project "Roching Chair", Ungheni-Access

coordinator: Alexandru Marievschi, Access Alumnus

The idea of  “Rocking Chair” project was to contribute to the improvement of village Pirlita, Ungheni, especially the kindergarten which is very beautiful, and hosts a lot of children, but does not have enough equipment for the playgrounds such as rocking chairs, swings, slides , etc.


So, the main goal of the project was to construct a rocking chair for the playground, paint it in national tricolor colors and install it in one of the poorest playground areas from the kindergarten. To succeed in their intention, under local smith guidance, the Access students bought all necessary materials, developed an original sketch of the rocking chair relevant for the kindergarten kids’ age, colored it in an attractive way, and then assembled on a playground.  It was a wonderful experience for all involved in this project, as each of them learnt to work in group, to be more organized and responsible , but the most important is that everybody felt him/herself useful inspired to do may things for their community.


Access Students sharing their  thoughts and feelings:

All that we realized within this project is very little for such a big kindergarten that still needs a lot of things: more rocking chairs, swings, slides. All these things will make playgrounds to look more interesting and attractive, to be more safely for those small miracles of humanity as kids are.  To achieve this goal, we would like to involve more people like economic agents, local administration and all who want to help. So, what we did is just the beginning… “


In our district there are many kindergartens that need to increase the number of equipment supplies, especially in villages, because of bad financing they can not buy this by themselves. Actually public administration decided that these things are not so important for children, but they are wrong, because children really need them for a happy childhood. Many projects are made for teenagers or adults, but there are a few projects that can complete lacunas of children’s lives. We should pay more attention for their needs, and I am happy that participating in this project I helped my brothers, or sisters to feel happier.”


During this project we understood that problems aren’t a wall in your way of achieving your goals. Yes, we worked a lot, but the result made us not regret about the effort that we have done. Children’s smiles, the brightness of their eyes motivated us to do these kinds of projects for them, because they deserve this. We also learned that working in team is easier and more interesting because everyone is responsible for his own work. We became more conceited in our own powers and understood that we can do something useful for our society too. Even if we are at such an early age, we just need some help and an impulse for doing this. This is not just for the society but for our personality improvement, too. “


AccessUngheniRocking ChairProject