Access students and alumni developed and implemented 8 civic-engagement projects in 8 regions of the country

December, 31 2015

To strengthen the Access students' civic engagement capacity and community involvement attitude, it becomes a tradition for the Access Program Moldova to instruct each participants in Project Writing strategies, and later organize a grant project competion within the whole Access Moldova Community.

This way, in the late of October,  2015  5 teams of students from Hincesti, Edinet, Causeni, Ribnita, Grigoriopol, and 3 teams of alumni from Bender, Balti and Ungheni submitted   18 civic-engagement project proposals, from which only 8 were finally selected to be the best.

The "Different but Equal" Project proposed a complex of activities and training on people with disabilties' social inclusion, addressed to community awareness and tolerence regarding the problems people with disabilities from Edfinet meet. youth from Edinet.  After a 1-week special training organized by the volunteers from  2 local NGOs, namely  "Salve!" and "Vivere",  20 Access students  disseminated their  new acquired competences within informative sessions and traning  which ran in 5 schools from Edinet town.


The "Learn English through Creativity" Project addressed the issues of teaching English in Causeni elementary schools. Thus, through a series of educational and interactive activities ( handmade sessions, compettins, games, etc.), 20 Access students improved the level of English proficiency and cultural awareness of 20 pupils from 2 elementary schools.


The "Happy Holidays" Project of the Access-Hincesti team aimed to ensure the tolerance among disabled and the pupils, following the idea that, "Everybody should be accepted in the society and nobody is worth being rejected". For thsi reason, 20 students organized a school supply donnation campaign in 2 lyceums from their town ( "Mihai Eminescu" and "Mihai Sadoveanu")  that later served as wonderful presents for   for children from Community Center for orphans and children with disabilties " Pasarea Albastra" from their town. While visiting almost 30 beneficiaries, the team organized  a ,,Snow Fest", offering warm hugs of support, human love and kindness through losts of games and educational activities.


The "Colorful Town: Makes the world better" Project of the Access-Grigoriopol team aimed to improve their town through Mural Art and rise the whole community spirit through the beauty of Body Art. Following the major project objectives,  20 Access students tried to identify the community's opinion about the places from the town that needed improvement, and their attitude on using Mural Art and Body Art. Later on, being guided by 2 Mural and Body Art experts, they designed scketches and painted 3 wals from 2 schools from their community ("Stefan cel Mare si Sfint" Lyceum from Grigoriopol and Dorotscaia Lyceum from Dorotscaia , Dubasari).


" A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body" Project of the Access Balti alumni team adrressed the problem of nowadays' youth daily recretial activities targeted to the excessive computer use. This way, the project team organized a Youth Sport Competition to foster on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result, the Access students succedded in: (1) involving  teachers and pupils from Balti in sport activities/competition; (2) raising pupils' awareness on the importance of sport in their life; (4) involving more than 30 teens in sport competitions at the school level; (5) and making parents pay attention to their children's interests and hobbies.


"The Struggle for the Environment" Project of the Access Ribnita team represented a solution to the environmental problem of the Nistru River, the river that their town is settled on. Almost 50 youth members from Ribinta  joined in a cleaning flashmob action, meant to reduce the polution on the river shores. This project served as an excellent example to the rest of their community on how to protect the nature from the town, especially the river which is the main water source of the community.

The "Christmas Time is Sharing" Project aimed to encourage and to support morally those less fortunate - the children and teeenagers with special education needs from Ungheni. So, 20 Access alumni and students paid a surprise visit to the disabled people from from the Daycare Center  "Casa pentru toti" from the town, and offered them lots of Christmas gifts they collected in their local schols.  It is to mention that, almost 25 children were also cheered up with Christmas carols, games and fun activities. As a result, everybody learnt a good human lesson of sympathy and kindness.


"A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body from Childhood" Project of the Access Bender alumni team supported the idea that the participation in sports is extremely important, and should be encouraged much more from the early childhood, as it might improve human health and fitness, and good social and communication skills. This was the reason the Access alumni group agreed to give the opportunity to practice sport to 35 children from the kindergarten, situated near their school, " Alexandru cel Bun" Lyceum from Bender. This way, using a set of sport equipment the project participants bought according to the kids' age and kindergarten's needs,35 pre-school kids played energetic sport games to help the children to develop themselves and turn their energy into something beneficial.
Feedback received from the national and international education community members:

Mutruc Irina:
"Dear Access students and project coordinators of the "Diferent but Equal" Project, your idea and intentions are wonderful and your project had a great impact on all the participants and beneficiaries. The problem of social inclusion is very actual and many people don't understand its importance, thanks to the project your students were involved in individual and collaborative work to explore this real-world problem and I am sure they got aware themselves and managed to convince a lot of other people that disabled persons should be treated as equal.
I also like very much  the way the Project "Learn English through Creativity" team apporach the problem of motivating young pupils to study English, involving them in various and entertaining activities. I am sure it was a success as you managed to increase their self-direction and motivation, improved their skills in research and problem solving and made them feel self-confident in what they can do. I hope you have some other projects like that".


Natalia Rata:
"English is an international language and the idea of the Project "Learn English through Creativity" to improve it using creative ways sounds great. The pupils not only learn the American culture but do it through games and competitions. I wish you good luck in your activities and success!

In addition to this, I would like to add that to clean the place where you live is a noble cause and doing it by the help of students is great. This way, the Project " Colorful Town: make your world better" is well planned and structured and I am sure that you will have excellent results. Success in your work, Access Grigoriopol team!"

Elena Bogoeva:

"Creativity can be the hook which engages learners, influencing their attainment and achievement. Our duty as educators is to unlock both our creativity and help learners develop their creativity skills. Your Project "Learn English through Creativity" undoubtedly is an example for teachers of how to apply ideas about creativity in the classroom.

I also believe that "The Struggle for the Environment" Project will not let the Nistru river transform into an "open-air drain". It is a great way to get the entire community involved in your service activity and inform the public about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment."


Sridhar Chandrasekaran:
"Dear Access Moldova team, you have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing your projects.  I'm a self-help blog author and reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found all your civic-engagement projects blog pages. I enjoyed reading all your posts. All the best for your future blogging endeavors."




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