Mihaela Gutu, Camp Kennedy 2020 Participant, had the chance to do her internship at Orphanage “Raza Soarelui” from Singereni. During 4 weeks, Mihaela organized online workshops for children at the orphanage. Mihaela wanted to develop their personalities and to make them understand some aspects of psychology.

Describe your role during your internship

Mihaela: I was the coordinator of the online meetings. We talked about their emotions, personalities, and social media life.

What kind of project did you implement during your internship?

Mihaela: During my internship, I implemented a project based on teaching children about things that are very important to know these days. I chose 4 topics to talk about and to be interesting for the kids. They have learned about emotions, social media life, personalities, and health care. I also did additional activities to revise the whole new information by playing games, talking, asking frequent questions about their lives, experiences, and preferences. The first 2 topics and the last one were presented and taught by me as a volunteer and coordinator. The topic about health care was presented by a volunteer from the YK “Viitorul” Singerei, where I am also a volunteer.

What did you learn during your internship experience?

Mihaela: During my internship, I have learned how to work with kids younger than 12 years old and how important it is to pick an excellent subject for them to keep them interested. Moreover, I have learned many new things about emotions, personalities, and social media life when researching and preparing for the meetings. Probably, another important thing that I learned from this experience is the importance of working with all the organizations from my city and the possibility of changing something, making children happy, and being a part of their studying and evolving process.

How did you get involved as a team member?

Mihaela: As a team member, I helped the YK volunteer when presenting and learning these children about the importance of staying healthy in life, problems that cause an unhealthy lifestyle.

What was the most memorable moment during your internship?

Mihaela: The most memorable moment was when we had to say goodbye. I’ve never seen such happiness and sadness simultaneously on children’s faces while saying my last words to them during this project. It made me feel outstanding and proud of my work there, that I could make children want to discover more, to meet more often, and more support from someone close to their age.

What have you learned during the whole Camp Kennedy 2020 experience? What kind of leadership skills did you develop?

Mihaela: During the whole Camp Kennedy 2020 experience, I have learned many things, and one that has got my attention was from the training about political parties. I developed empathy so that now I can be closer to people in this way. Mostly, everything that happened during this Camp Kennedy 2020 experience was something new and interesting to learn about.