Shamanskaya Daria, Camp Kennedy 2020 Participant, had the chance to do her internship at the lyceum M. Guboglo in Ceadir Lunga. During one month Daria decided to organize an English Club for her school and all other teenagers interested in learning and discovering American culture.

Describe your role during your internship

Daria: I decided to run an English club for 7-11 grades. Every week I prepared presentations for the students and we met every Friday. I really wanted to encourage them to take responsibility into their own hands, not to be afraid of trying something new, and most importantly-TO LEARN ENGLISH!

What kind of project did you implement during your internship?

Daria: For each session, I prepared presentations for the students, because it was important for me not to overload them and make the beginning of the meeting easy and fun. In my training, we talked about grammatical topics of the English language, and we also talked about American culture and traditions, listening to songs by famous artists, and watching educational speeches by prominent personalities. I believe that this method of learning the language was very useful because thanks to it we learned new words. Also, due to the pandemic and severe restrictions, we could not do much. However, one of my main goals was to develop leadership skills in them. By showing my experience, I hope they are inspired to make their society a little better.

What did you learn during your internship experience?

Daria: To conduct this kind of meetings has always been one of my biggest dreams. I had thoughts about it, however, I kept putting it off as I didn’t have the courage to start it. However, Camp Kennedy developed my leadership skills and became a much more open-minded and sociable person. I have made many friends and acquaintances, with whom I am in close contact today. And most importantly, I developed my knowledge of the English language and helped other teenagers from my community to improve their knowledge in this area.

How did you get involved as a team member?

Daria: My whole project was focused on teamwork. I was the leader of the team and like to keep them motivated and ambitious. I really enjoyed working with the students because they are a friendly group of people.

What was the most memorable moment during your internship?

Daria: It is difficult to choose one special moment from this wonderful project. However, the most memorable thing for me was the emotions of the students, they constantly reached out to me asking when the next meeting would be. It is difficult to convey these wonderful impressions and atmosphere, which can not be replaced!

What have you learned during the whole Camp Kennedy 2020 experience? What kind of leadership skills did you develop?

Daria: Thanks to this internship, I felt like a real leader. I believe that leadership potential is represented in every person to one degree or another. It is inherent in us from birth, someone develops it, and someone does not.
Thanks to Camp Kennedy, I’ve developed that potential! I really learned to be a self-confident and independent person who is not afraid to take responsibility and wants to light this fire not only in his soul but also in the souls of others.