Vadim Yasko, Camp Kennedy 2020 Participant, had the chance to do his internship at the English Center “Smart” and American Corner in Tiraspol. For 2 months Vadim helped with social media content on organizations’ social media pages, also facilitated some events and activities.

Describe your role during your internship

Vadim: During my internship, I learned how to organize work with children and adults. I created SM content and helped with events moderating.

What kind of project did you implement during your internship?

Vadim: I implemented a project dedicated to English learning. Also, based on my project I organized offline sessions about students’ opportunities and projects they can participate in. My project included work with two English centers. My project is still working, it combines my work and the work of specialists. Besides, I elaborated my main project against bullying at schools, but my school administration suggested to switch the date of implementation to February 2021.

What did you learn during your internship experience?

Vadim: First of all, I learned how to work with children and teenagers, how to engage them in my activities, and how to find a way of communication. Secondly, I developed skills in the project leading and communicating with people. Thirdly, I understood the importance of taking responsibility. Besides, thanks to my internships I upgraded my skills in Social Media. Center “Smart” helped me to understand what the teaching process really is.

How did you get involved as a team member?

Vadim: As the Head of my project I organized my own session, helped my stakeholders with their events. Also, I engaged 2 FLEX Alumnus to participate in my activities. I was the main speaker and coordinator.

What was the most memorable moment during your internship?

Vadim: The most memorable moment was when we told about the programs students could participate in. The emotions they expressed and how they reacted to our stories were unforgettable. It was nice to understand that I inspired people to act and to search for opportunities.

What have you learned during the whole Camp Kennedy 2020 experience? What kind of leadership skills did you develop?

Vadim: During Camp Kennedy, I have learned a bunch of priceless information and I am grateful for this. During our August sessions, I learned about project creating and implementing, met new wonderful and inspiring people, studied about diversity, political parties, balancing rights of majority and minority, work of our government, and principals of communication. I developed leadership skills, such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, and positive influence.