Ana Manvelova, Camp Kennedy 2020 Participant, had the chance to do her internship at the Republican Center of Volunteering in Chisinau. During 4 months Ana had developed projects and organized online events together with her team.

Describe your role during your internship

Ana: I was a Project Coordinator. I was responsible for project advertising; organized the recruitment process from the logistics perspective to analyzing the interviews; managed the recruited groups of participants; prepared the schedule of the project and its content (work-plans); held the online meetings with the participants.

What kind of project did you implement during your internship?

Ana: The idea of the project was already in this organization, but it wasn’t being implemented on a daily basis. I implemented the idea to intersect English learning with Geography & Culture perspective. Also, I created a sustainable system of involvement for participants at the early stage of the course. The main goal of it was to educate its target groups – children and teenagers – the spirit of cultural awareness through abilities to express themselves. I felt a need to help my generation, working on their communication skills, attitude toward international education, and vision of a foreign country’s development.

What did you learn during your internship experience?

Ana: The first thing I have learned during my internship experience is that I shouldn’t be scared to implement projects on my own. It might be hard, but still trying is worth enough to invest my time in it, because I have a goal to help. Helping is the best I can do to make somebody’s life better, even with a little commitment.

Secondly, but as important as the first point, the people, who are with you in this project, are the team. We are in the same boat. I was really impressed by its spirit and how your personal attitude toward common activity are connected. When they truly match, it results in the profit – money or any awards – that is plenty of words of gratitude and smiles of kids. These awards are much more expensive than any type of payment.

How did you get involved as a team member?

Ana: It wasn’t that hard as I had thought in the beginning. I had an amazing coordinator, who really was so inspiring and willing to be a hand of help each time I needed it. In my successful team involvement, my personal participation influenced so much, because I was attending not just my project, but some events of other volunteers. I can name it a process of team-building in a way.

What was the most memorable moment during your internship?

Ana: I have two of the most memorable moments. First of it is time, when after the recruitment performed by me, successful applicants were announced and the children were really happy and grateful.

The second moment is an award ceremony on December, 5th, where I was named a “Volunteer of the Year” in the “Online Volunteer” type of nomination. Although I wasn’t able to be present face-to-face due to some health issues, the Republican Center of Volunteering staff did their best in holding the ceremony online.

What have you learned during the whole Camp Kennedy 2020 experience? What kind of leadership skills did you develop?

Ana: I got the basic information about project management – it is a hard skill. However, I improved my soft ones as well. For example, I am doing it now when working in a team. Camp Kennedy helped to improve it by giving me group homework. Also, my ability to learn quickly due to the intensity of the program and internship. It challenged me a lot in getting a lot of information at once and “absorb” it.