In a world where almost everything is ruled by social media, where the quality of our lifestyles is valued by numbers of likes and where our voice matters only if we have over 10K followers how can we feel happy about ourselves in real life? How to be better than beautiful?

In the context of International Women’s Day, FLEX Alumni Moldova together with America House organized an amazing training, focused on women’s self-love and empowerment. During the event, the participants were able to share their vision and concept of “beauty” and discover new ideas. They had the  chance to meet successful women such as Lilu Ojovan (journalist, TV host, influencer), Anne Coleman-Honn (Chief of Political/Economic section from the U.S. Embassy), Olga Tapordei (personal branding trainer/ marketing expert), Cristina  Panov (Program manager at America House Chisinau) who are more than just Beautiful.

Get a glimpse of the Better than Beautiful project in the new video on FLEX Alumni Moldova page.


The project took place in March in the context of International Women’s Day!