“Children are our nation’s future, investing in them brings a better life for everyone” in Ungheni

Last week our Access Ungheni Team had a day trip to a kindergarten from Cetireni, as part of their Community project activity plan. Our students decided to collaborate with kindergartens from Petresti, Pirlita and Cetireni villages, Ungheni rayon, to bring positive change and share non-formal education technics, as well as to provide partner institutions with some materials that will facilitate the use of non-formal methods in classrooms.

“During our ACCESS lessons we have seen the big impact that Non-formal education methods (team building activities, interactive sessions, board games, learning by doing, peer to peer sessions) have on the students and based on the knowledge we have acquired we want to multiply the positive result and pass the knowledge on to other children who due to their disadvantaged backgrounds are less fortunate and have not had a chance to be subjects of an interactive lesson “ one the Access students said.