On October 31st, Access Soroca had the chance to volunteer and to celebrate Halloween together with children from a local kindergarten. Access students taught kids about Halloween and how to celebrate it. Students were very impressed to see the excitement on kids’ faces. At the end, they had the possibility to feel some of the American holiday spirit by asking Access Students – “trick or treat” and getting a little treat.

Besides that, students had the chance to teach children some phrases in English and to familiarize them with American culture and traditions.

“I really liked this kind of Halloween and working with children is a pleasure for me,” said Tatiana Birjataia, Access Student from Soroca.

“Trick or treat game is a great activity for children. I like sharing more and more about American culture and traditions. Access is a great chance for me to understand American life and to share it with others,” said Verginia Cernopolc, Access Students from Soroca.

More pictures from the event are here.