50 ACCESS and accessPlus students from all over Moldova had the chance to benefit from a workshop organized on Sunday, October 28, by Ellation Moldova. During this event, students learned how to write a CV and why it is important to have a good one and they discovered more about their career orientation and how to invest in their future. Besides that, they learned about Ellation Moldova activity and their projects in Moldova and how they can get involved.

Ellation Moldova brings media and technology innovation to Chișinău with a team of over 150 employees, with offices in San Francisco and Tokyo. Also, they have been awarded as a top employer of the year in 2017, the growing team is made up of technical, functional, and domain experts that come together to create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Here are a few impressions from the students: “It’s wonderful when people transform their passions and hobbies into a job, I will do the same!” said Ecaterina Zemleanschih.

Ianuș Vatamanița said that “It was an awesome experience, I’ve learned a lot of new things about how to build a good career and to get a good job. I was astonished when I was told that watching anime’s all day long and playing computer games is a real job”.

Gabriela Gadiac said that “I didn’t expect this day to be that fun,i met my friends and had fun, i learned about career and opportunities and also about one of the most important aspects of nowadays people life, Social Media.”

Bernic Ciprian said that “My day got better when i found out that playing games and watching cartoons can bring money.I listened to people that already achieved something and have an experience which will help me in my developement.”

Dana Spinu said that ,, I enjoyed with pleasure Ellation meeting.I got an useful information that will help my future career.”

Anastasia Secara said that ,,I really liked the atmosphere at Ellation. The workshop was very interesting.’’

More pictures from the event are here.