On the World Cleanup  Day Access Students from Vulcanesti decided to clean the center of the city and make it a nice place for their families and friends. They enjoyed every minute spent together. Moreover, they think that it  will be a great idea to organize more volunteering activities in their community.

In this cleanup campaingn in Vulcanesti Access students managed to involve not only their families and friends but also local authorities who helped them with trash bags, gloves and other necesary materials for the cleanup.

“It was a wonderful experience for our Access students because we had the chance to feel the spirit of the team and we knew that we are doing something significant for our city. We were suprised to see so many people who wanted to help us and to make our city a better one. We will definetly repeat this event in the near future,” said Alina Ialama, Access teacher assistant in Vulcanesti.

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