Access Taraclia joined World Cleanup Day on September 15. Access Students together with their teacher and assistant decided to clean a forest located near the city and it was a challenging experience for them because they understood that people from their community are irresponsible and they throw trash everywhere around and they do not care. This day was a great chance to show other that we can live in a better place.

“I never thought that there is so much trash in this forest. We walk everyday next to this park but we don’t pay attention to this details which are so important for the environment,” said  Mozgovaia Tatiana, Access student from Taraclia.

“I being part of this global movement and  proud of our community that we did a great job on this day,” said Anghelina Nicipurenco, Access teacher assistant.

Access Taraclia benefited from this activity in becoming a better team and developing community spirit.

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