On September 15, Access Soroca joined World Cleanup Day inviting not only their siblings and realtives, but also their friends. It was a wonderful family event for everyone.

They found a great location for this activity, they decided to clean a local park and a small area around Nistru River, close to the borther with Ukraine. Students spent the entire day cleaning this area and encouraging others to do the same.

Access Students from Soroca understood that in order to avoid an ecologycal crisis, they must inform others about the importance of keeping clean the place where we work, have fun, study, eat, etc.  They have shared this information with other citizens and tried to bring the awarness of keeping our planet a clean place.

“It was a fun time for us and for our families and we really liked celebrating World Cleanup Day all together. We are looking forward to organize something similar next year”, said Alina Bostan, Access Teacher assitant in Soroca.

More photos from the event are here.