The month of July was a very productive one for Access Program. The most awaited event of the year happened: Access Summer Camp.

All 160 Access and accessPlus students joined the summer camp for a week.

Weekly, students had intensive English lessons, but besides that, they were involved in different clubs, workshops, training, visits, etc.

Every Sunday, students took part in team-building activities in the morning, which helped the group get to know each other. This was followed by a Project Management training that involved activities such as Personality Profiling and Community Mapping, through which the participants learned how to identify a problem in the society and how to identify their own

strengths and use them in the context of a community project. Additionally, the training involved topics of resource management such as Time Management (Gantt Chart), Human Resources Management (job descriptions) and Finance Management (50-30-20 rule).

Through the day, participants (in teams of 6 to 7) worked on a solution for one of the problems identified and used the offered insight to create a project, which they pitched at the end of the day (‘Shark Tank’-style).

Through this activity, students gained skills and knowledge that can help them implement and develop a project in their regions. In addition, the training included the involvement of NSLI-Y students in each team encouraging the English conversation and new ideas and perspectives for the projects.

Photos Week 1:

Photos Week 2:

Photos Week 3:

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