During the Summer Camp, students had the chance to meet Peace Corps Volunteers who came from different corners around Moldova.

Students got the chance to meet Kayuyum Koban. She organized a conversation club discussing her state, American culture, her favorite places and her favorite food in Moldova. Students were curious about what she will miss the most after leaving Moldova and if she will come back soon. Kayuyum said she will miss Moldova a lot and she will miss people especially.

In another week, students met Cynthia England who talked about her volunteering activity at pet shelters. She and the students then compared the attitudes of Americans and Moldovans towards animals. Cynthia tried to raise awareness of the importance to adopt animals instead of buying them because nowadays this situation is a big issue in our country. Access students said that meeting Cynthia was a great experience for them because she changed their perspective about pet shelters and most of them are thinking to adopt a pet instead of buying one.

Another special guest on the camp from Peace Corps was Chris Flowers. He has visited the camp on the last week. He talked about his journey in our country and how he ended up in Moldova. Students were interested in talking with him about his favorite movies, hobbies, and music. Besides that, the students asked him about his lifestyle in the USA and how much it has changed once he arrived in Moldova.

Meeting Peace Corps Volunteers was a wonderful opportunity for the students to talk English with native speakers and discover more about the USA and making new friends there.

More photos here (Kayuyum Koban visit): https://goo.gl/E14PNK

More photos here (Cynthia England visit): https://goo.gl/xQUhXD

More photos here (Chris Flowers visit): https://goo.gl/3wJBfb