Ellation Moldova visited Access Students from the 3rd week of the camp. Ellation Moldova brings media and technology innovation to Chișinău with a team of over 150 employees, with offices in San Francisco and Tokyo. Also, they have been awarded as a top employer of the year in 2017, the growing team is made up of technical, functional, and domain experts that come together to create exceptional experiences for their customers. Victor Timotin, Ellation Moldova Marketing & Event Coordinator, did a presentation about his career and company was which was truly inspiring and motivational for our students.

Victor gave the students an insight into what Ellation does and encouragingly assured us that the people working in the Chisinau office are just as talented as the workers in the other 2 offices of the company in Tokyo and San Francisco! Additionally, Victor talked about the importance of reading and having a plan, disclosing his way of organizing his week with Trello.

Ellation Moldova donated 40 English literature books for Access Students. It is a great gift for them because these books will help students to develop their English reading skills and to explore new books and share them during the Reading Club.

More pictures here: https://goo.gl/3ebZN8 and here: https://goo.gl/7SBa3C