In the first week of Access Summer Camp, student had a training on sales and marketing management delivered by Darwin Moldova.

Eugeniu Dabija, Marketing and Social Media Manager Darwin Moldova, explained students how a marketing campaign works and how to define  target group.  Darwin is the leading GSM and IT retail company from the Republic of Moldova.

Eugeniu explained that: “Darwin is not a simple network of digital shops, Darwin is a lifestyle. We launched ourselves in Moldova in 2013 and we want to revolutionize the electronics market. We want the retail to become colorful, stylish and unusual. We appreciate our customers because they are not just simple buyers, they are our friends, and we are more than retailers of smartphones, laptops, tablets. For them we are organizers of colorful events, creative contests and generous promotions.   We help them constantly improve and evolve digitally. Keep track of current trends in fashion and accessories. Create their own style and use the latest technology. To emphasize their individuality. Be in vogue!   We believe that this path is correct. And we never stop, for this reason we are constantly increasing the quality and diversity of our services.”

Student were impressed by Darwin’s approach towards clients and how unique they try to treat each customers.

“I never thought that marketing and sales can be so interesting and empowering for me. I’m already thinking about a career in this field and hope that this training will help me to become better in this area”, said Alexandra Miheeva, Access student from Bender.

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