Besides studying and joining different workshops and club, camp staff were organizing each evening different activties like Trivia’s, Karaoke, Jeopardy, American Picnics, S’mores party, Bonfire evenings.

Trivia evening was always one of the most interesting activities. Participants, in teams of 6, answered questions from categories such as History, Geography, Music, Movies, Logos and Sports related to USA. Besides that, on Trivia evenings, NSLI-Y students were invited to join Access teams and to explore American culture together.

Karaoke evening was most the loudest contest. It involved English songs from various genres and some rounds of “Guess the Song”.

Jeopardy included questions varying in difficulty from categories like Science, Foods Around the World, Cartoons, Numbers, Ball Games, Word Play, American Holidays, Literature, Computer Games, Arts, TV Series and Famous People. It also involved a buzzer per each team – the competition to get the right answer first made the game so much more exciting!

Movie Nights involved a silent atmosphere with lots of snacks and good English movies such as Baby Boss, Black Panther and Jumanji 2.

American Picnics familiarized the ACCESS participants to different American foods and customs such as Hot Dogs, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, and Cookies and Milk.

The S’mores Party introduced the students to the delicious treat that is roasted marshmallows!

Bonfire Night was a wonderful ending  of camp. Participants experienced a nice ending of the camp altogether. It involved roasted marshmallows, and signing and guitar playing around the bonfire by our students and staff.

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