Weekly, all Summer Camp students had the chance to visit American Resource Center.

During their field trips, they had the chance to meet Jonathan Wolfington, Cultural Press Attache at the US Embassy in Moldova. Students asked him about his experience in Moldova and what he misses the most the the USA. Besides that, he explained student how important is to get involved into their communities and to be active citizens.

ARC Volunteers organized different activities for Access students. In every other week, they did a trivia quiz about geography, culture and history of the U.S. The winners got special prizes and the opportunity to make a great team. In other weeks, ARC volunteers prepared great presentations about digital tools that they can use in order to study online. The participants learned about education online resources like Khan Academy, EDx, Harvard University, and revealed good and bad parts of each online platform.

Also, students had the chance to explore ARC resouces and to play board games together.

More photos here (Week 1):  https://goo.gl/D9FwFm

More photos here (Week 2):  https://goo.gl/1pJfrT

More photos here (Week 3):  https://goo.gl/rkm14L

More photos here (Week 4):  https://goo.gl/wHMQDD