On the fourth week of Summer Camp students were visited by Agora Moldova.

Felicia Nedzelschi, the journalist at Agora, delivered them a session about journalism in Moldova and why she decided to have a career in this field. Students were enthusiastic about Felicia’s experience and asked her questions about Agora and journalism in Moldova in general.

Being a multimedia site that offers news in text, photo, info-video, video, Agora aims to become the most credible media institution in the Republic of Moldova through the quality and diversity of its content and to represent the first choice of visitors to the news and analyzes from the online environment.

Felicia said that: ” Our mission is to develop an objective and accurate news platform to help inform, educate and motivate people. We encourage critical thinking and citizens’ involvement in country development, stimulate interaction, communication, and partnerships between citizens, government institutions, and the business environment.”

Agora’s content is predominantly made up of news items that are structured into ten categories: Actual, Political, Social, Economic, Health, Banking and Insurance, Foreign, Technology, Media, and Lifestyle. New news is placed on AGORA daily in each category. Additionally, AGORA publishes analyzes, interviews, exchange rates. The portal also initiates and implements other media projects/campaigns aimed at developing the Moldovan society, but also facilitates the communication between the citizen and the state.

More photos here: https://goo.gl/61ar3e