Access Soroca organized a planting trees campaign in their local school from Soroca in order to support Sustainable Development Goal Nr. 15 – Life on Land. We are all used to learn only theory, like “we have to change the world; we can do everything; it is our responsibility to make our planet a better place to live “, but sometimes there remain only words without actions. That’s why is very important to teach students to leave a positive impact on their society through projects. When we told them about the project we were going to implement they were very receptive, they were ready to work for a better place, for the future generation. A student said:” We will plant the trees now, but I am sure when we will come to visit our school in 20 years, they will be still here”. Every time we implement a project, students ask us when will be the next one. They like changes and challenges. “I liked so much our activity because like that we save and protect our nature.”- Cebotari Olga “It has been a pleasant experience. Thanks to this action, we have been much more united. I have received a great dose of happiness. I have done a great thing by invigorating the planet. Power is in the trees!”- Țaulean Mihaela

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